iShop International is a fulfillment service provided by iShop International, LLC. We are an intermediary between the US retailers and the Indian buyer to facilitate online purchases for Indian buyers from US-based sites. We purchase products on behalf of the end-user and take the responsibility of delivering it to their door. iShop International does not represent and is not partnered with the sites mentioned on this site. The sites mentioned herein are presented as suggestions for our users to source their products.We have no knowledge of the features, quality, etc. of the items you request to purchase.


iShop International will only guarantee that you receive the product as described in original condition with no damage during shipping for iShop International purchases. We do not make any guarantees at all for JUST SHIP purchases as we are only providing the delivery service and have no knowledge whatsoever of your expected product. Any issue with your JUST SHIP purchase must be taken up directly with the seller you purchased the item from.


iShop International will compensate buyers with a full refund through our "No Worries" program if they do not receive their items within a reasonable time frame (within max. 30 days, unless delay was specified by the seller at the time of purchase) or of the item is damaged in transit. However, for all other issues, the item must be returned at the buyers expense to the original seller - though this is an unlikely event, in this circumstance iShop International will facilitate the return, but the buyer must bear all return shipping and customs duty charges.