Return and Refunds

The iShop International return policy is based on a "no-questions asked" philosophy (for eligible products) but with some restrictions that stem from the reality that our products are sourced from merchants located primarily in the US. Our policy is formulated keeping in mind the cost and time involved in the reverse logistics (i.e. the process of shipping returned products back to the US merchants). The policy itself is simple and straight-forward:

Once accepted at delivery, items MAY NOT be returned.

In case we deliver a wrong item or broken item, or if the item does not reach you within 30 days, we may provide you with a full refund, credit or exchange.

For all other reasons, iShop International may facilitate the return of the item, however, the customer must bear reverse shipping costs and the original shipping and duty fees will not be refunded.


** iShop International will not refund orders purchased through or other sites that are not listed on the In these cases iShop International may try to assist in the refund, but will not guarantee and refund and any refund will be made if and when the original store where it was purchased from has credited iShop International.


Further details of the refund policy:

Loss or Damage

If iShop International determines that the loss or damage has occurred due to the fault of iShop International or its fulfillment channel, iShop International will refund the amount charged in the same manner as the buyer has paid. Where this is not possible we will issue a credit to your account that will be applied to your next purchase.

Product Returns or Exchanges

For return of product(s) or exchange, you must contact us at receipt of the time of receiving the item if it is damaged or not the correct item. If your purchase is otherwise faulty, you must contact us within 3 days with a RETURN REQUEST. We will review your case and if the store where it is purchased from is agreeing to a refund, we will issue you a RMA NUMBER (Return Merchandise Authorization).



All refund on returns, exchange, rebates and money-back guarantee policies and procedures will be in accordance to the Store that the item was purchased from and their policies and procedures. Buyers are advised to read the store's policy on returns and exchanges. For exchanges buyer will have to pay the subsequent shipping charges, customs duty and taxes in order to have the item exchanged from the store to the local mailing/delivery address as specified by Buyer.

Return of Wrong or Defective Product Shipped by the Store

If the Store has shipped the wrong product(s), the buyer has to notify iShop International at the time of delivery of the product(s) by email. If it is determined by iShop International that it is the store's fault, iShop International will return the product(s) and will refund the purchase price paid by the buyer.


The refund will only be given if and when the store refunds the orginal purchase amount to iShop International.The refund will be given within the time as stipulated by the store's policy and in the case of exchange iShop International will ship the exchanged product(s) at the given address of the buyer at iShop International cost. iShop International will also pay the customs duty and taxes if any for the exchanged product.


For a defective product, the buyer must notify iShop International within 24 hours from the date of delivery by email. We will arrange to pick up the defective product and have our experts determine the nature and authenticity of the defect. If iShop International at its sole discretion determines that the defect is genuine we will refund or exchange (at buyers request) the amount paid by the buyer to iShop International for the purchase of the product including the shipping, customs duty and taxes or exchange the product and iShop International will bear all the shipping costs including customs duty and taxes back to the store and return the exchanged product to the buyers given address. All returns and exchanges must be in the original packaging of the store from where the buyer has purchased the product, invoice and Consignment note/AWB. If iShop International determines at its sole discretion that the product is not defective the product will be returned to the buyer and iShop International will not have any liability whatsoever. All refunds on returns, exchange, rebates and money-back guarantee policies and procedures will be strictly in accordance with the store's policy and procedures. Buyers are advised to read the Stores' Policy on returns, exchanges and refunds.